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Founded in 2005, Georgie Emerson Vintage, LLC, is the realization of a life long dream for a small town girl who grew up in the country chasing wild horses through apple orchards, climbing mounds of freshly picked corn to reach the top of the corn crib, and running through the cow prairie picking daisies and watching the sandpipers dance.

Early in life I envisioned myself behind a mercantile counter, much like that of Nels Oleson. I loved wrapping brown paper packages tied with ribbons and often played “old country store” with Mom and Dad as my customers. Auctions, yard sales and decorating with cast-offs comes naturally to me, as Mom taught me to sew, craft, and paint with things we gathered and collected on our adventures.


Having done my time in corporate America in the 90’s and 00’s, I relished the opportunity to turn my hobby of junking, decorating and designing into a big girl job. With a handy husband who loves this lifestyle as much as I, we embarked on our next chapter of shopkeeping together. Along the way, I’ve partnered with the talented folk who comprise our collective of makers.

We gather, collect, find, make and curate our offering of wares all of which represent the style we love. A style of warmth, simpler times, softness. Not fussy or fancy. Weathered, worn patinas. Warm. comforting textures. A mixture of old treasures and fresh, new goods. Hopefully, when you walk into Georgie’s, you feel what I feel every time.......a feeling that I’ve come to describe as a contented sigh.

We invite you to meander our way as you journey through your days. You may need a gift or something special for your home or maybe, you just need ideas or an escape for a few minutes. At Georgie’s, we are happy to help you without pressure. Wander. Wonder.


- Polly, Mick and Pippa

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